1. How much room is required to set up your castles?
Medium jump
Setup area required 5m x 5m

C4 Combo
Setup area required 6m x 7m

5 in 1 Combo
Setup area required 7m x 8m

2. How much access space is required to get the jumping castle to the set up area?
Access to the setup area needs to be at least 1 metre wide and for the C4 combo castle and 5 in 1 combo at least 1.5 metres wide.
Access to power outlet? A power point should ideally be available within 20 metres of the jumping castle.

3. Ground surface?
Grass is preferable; please advise us at the time of booking if any part of the jumping castle will be on a surface other than grass.
We can install our jumping castles on:

  • artificial lawn
  • gravel
  • inside halls or gyms

4. What if there are steps to get to the setup area?
If there are steps you need to tell us when booking as the castles weigh between 100kg to 180kg and they are difficult to move up and down steps.

5. How long does it take to setup a castle?
It will take around 20 minutes to setup the castle & we will setup the castle before the time you have requested.

6. Is supervision required for the castle?
Yes a responsible adult over the age of 18 must supervise the castle at all times. We will provide training after we have setup the castle.

7. Do you have insurance?
We have $10,000,000.00 public liability insurance & we are also registered with Safework SA.

8. Do you require a deposit when booking?
We may request a deposit of $100 when booking; This can be paid by cheque or direct credit.  A tax invoice will be sent upon booking. The remainder must be paid on delivery for setup (COD).

9. Do you require a bond?
A bond may be asked for when booking. This will normally be in addition to the $100 deposit.  

10. Is there a maximum age allowed on the castles?
Our castles have an age limit of 13 years of age


11. Hire duration?
We are happy to hire our castles for additional time.